Johanne Baumhoefener Baumhöfener

What is a voice mediator?

A voice mediator transforms blocked energies and the higher potential of beings through his/her vocal sounds in order to bring understanding, peace and freedom into unbalanced situations.

How to use the voice mediation?

- At opening events of conventions. One song to create a unique deep touching quality for every event.

- In a single mediation as an intense support in personal questions.

- In a group voice mediation. To support all members individually as well as the collective.

What is your professional background?

I am trained as an actress and singer in Germany and have been doing television and theaterwork for many years. Furthermore I‘m schooled in energywork and healing. For the last ten years I have been working as a voice mediator for individuals and organisations, on seminars and conventions all over Europe.

When and how did you become a voice mediator?

In 1991 I had a very powerful experience at Mount Shasta in California (USA). I experienced an awakening of my voice and the ability to transform the deeper feelings and desires of my surrounding into sound. After that I changed my life, stopped acting and started to sing for the people.

Are you religiously motivated?

I don‘t belong to any religious group in particular but I believe in a higher force, call it God. When I sing I feel the presence of this force.

What actually happens during a session?

I start a conversation with the client to find out what topic should be adressed. Then I connect to my inner self and ask for a clear guidance. In connection to the client sound appears. I start vocalizing these sounds that reflect for instance the client‘s potential, inner conflicts or longings. With my hands I support the energy flow. At the end of the session we stay in silence for a while and than talk about the experience.

What‘s the effect of your voice mediation?

People are deeply touched and feel relieved of blocks and traumatas. They are strongly energized and reactivated. Many people do also experience a deep sense of harmony.

Are you a healer or a shaman?

No. I am a mediator. I help my clients to activate their own healing forces. I feel a strong connection to the wisdom of native cultures but I wouldn‘t call myself a shaman.

What languages appear in your songs?

I call them soul languages. They reflect the soul of my clients.

How many sessions do I need?

It depends on the individual. My advice is 2 or 3 sessions.